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The most important activities that man has to plan for the future of this planet is how the worlds population will better survive on Earth and Ocean.  This confluence of designed effort is the preparation that has to be made before humanity can send mankind missions into space to explore the universe.

The most ignored factors in city building whether on land or ocean is the fact that humanity at large is finally acknowledging the need for interdisciplinary cooperation in the design of its collective future. The most forgotten basic aspect of transportation service in cities has not described a vision of a new transportation technology to collapse time with speed travel to join and bind the world’s cultures together compatibly. The future cannot be driven by numeric factors alone but by futurists of policy making converted into graphic depictions revealing rational and logical habitation realities.

The present opportunity to rectify our monetary system worldwide is to announce a new transportation system that would be the link to a genesis project that would greatly advance an economic revival for the USA and other nations with the creation of mass employment worldwide to build new transportation system for new cities that would not only advance the US society through the 21st century and beyond but integrate such cooperative advance globally. One has to reconfirm the reality of building better city settlements advanced enough to balance growth and change appropriately with Natures resources and environments.

The transportation issues facing metropolitan cities can easily be resolved with a more sophisticated technology that is a less costly, less disruptive way of getting around and is far more technically advanced than the outdated transportation systems we now live with that is misbalancing the qualities we desire to reach for a better living environment.

ET3 (www.et3.net) an evacuated (airless) magnetic levitation transportation is designed for both people and goods to better serve our existing communities as well as to prepare for the future of both Terra and Aqua Cities. http://www.invention.net/aquaterra2.htm
ET3 transportation is less costly to construct than our existing transportation network on and under sea and land, in addition to air and outer space travel. It is safer, much faster (350-4,000+ mph) than our current transportation networks.  It will enable on time delivery from point to point for continental travelers and products. The tube encloses capsules much like motor vehicles in size inside a very quiet environment.  Sound does not exit an airless environment. The two tubeways separately carrying traffic in opposite directions is completely benign to the environment and imminently expandable.

ET3 offers speedy transportation and exhibits remarkable efficiencies and capabilities that we believe will eventually connect to a planetary wide future of Terra=Aqua Cities. For example residents of this region (California) will be able to travel anywhere in the US and worldwide in a short time frame. When the Terra Cities network is forged with others on all the world’s continents, Aqua Cities will grow in parallel and are connected with the ET3 network serving as primary flows for people and goods. It is envisioned that this global connection together will serve humanity in preparation for outer space travel.

We would be pleased to make presentations and are prepared to travel with an invitation to share our system to citizens and authorities that should be considering a future ET3 transportation system.

After viewing the above information in addition please view:

First  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92dK_yxaKvk&feature=related

Second   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aquaterra-A-SUPER-FAST-PLANETARY-TRANSPORT-SYSTEM-/106199809419664?ref=ts

We look forward to our eventual meeting and your participation as an ET3 Licensee in this advanced transportation system and City structuring program for your community, as well as, many others globally to fulfill the entire network together.  This transportation vision brings a practical and fresh enlightenment to all that will participate. The promise will fulfill a new and improved future for all living things on this planet.

In anticipation of your response please do not hesitate to contact any member of the ET3 collective or me for further information regarding this venture.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.            657 words    10/12/2010

PS. Welding our efforts together.

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