Tuesday 20 February 2018


ET3 submits a small change that will contribute to the greatest impact worldwide.

ET3 is structured for the global introduction for the purpose of saving energy to mobilize people and goods by collapsing distance with speed and time.

ET3 has adopted a non-market approach based upon an open human resources system that drives common technical standards toward building international wealth for the common good of humanity.

ET3 is seeking an audience to expose an opportunity to liberate with minimum leverage an initiative for real change in ground transportation infrastructure

ET3 wishes to attack the root cause of urban settlement problems that of mobility flows from point to point.

ET3 has a different set of operating values. It is based worldwide upon cooperation and collective action.

ET3 believes that with patient long-term support for this systematic transportation solution that it will have immediate results in concentrating the many “actors” for large transformation by the independence of global citizen actions.

Graham Kaye-Eddie


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