Tuesday 23 January 2018


Yon, —-  about our Terra – Aqua living environments.

My need is to fully understand what it is—and isn’t. May we frame some questions and comments for “things” to be revealed?

I have read your treatise so please forgive my list but I want you to know that I have been thinking deeply about how to integrate our “systems” together. May I appeal for some help?

The concept has the following general attributes:-

  • It has enormous impact on people.
  • It has a newness of concept.
  • It has to be commercialized.
  • It has a service to mankind.
  • It has to have a business model.
  • It has to operates like a city 24 hours a day.
  • It reconfigures the flow of information.
  • It continues to better heighten controlled flows of people and goods.
  • It must exhibits evidence of sustainability on our planet.
  • It is innovative but needs to a practical program for man’s planetry survival.
  • It suggests a network of technological  advaces that need to be somewhat enumerated.
  • It demands institutional support from corporatons and politbureau to find a path to marketplace.
  • It has enormous impact on any bottom line. (Estimated?)
  • It offers all earths inhabitants a task that only a few understand yet we are all very frustrated.
  • It demands a clear path for people to organize their lives.
  • It appeals for a “balanced” media to bring billions of people to understand its worthiness.
  • It’s offering opportunities toward strengthening existing and new businesses but at the same time must sustain core business, while representing others toward creating new businesses.
  • It promises to collect more than 90+ percent or more of the world’s new business innovation into a new trajectory without disrupting our present course of attempting to handle catastrophic events beyond our realistic control.
  • It is a fundamental new course of “revolutionary” thinking about our collective survival.
  • It should not disrupt our present markets but redirect activities to a realizable end.
  • It demands an organizational structure to execute efficiently.
  • It aspires us toward a new management system with a different approach. (Linux open system sufficient?)
  • It assumes a ratio of knowledge to procure all the assumptions thtat we need to prescribe.
  • It assumes that we know all about inhabitants needs.
  • It needs clarity sourced from many shared interdisciplinary capabilities.
  • It requires a few core assumptions to make the idea viable. (Simplicity)
  • The process for execution needs the deliberate extension from our core activities.
  • It requires the illumination of assumptions in a ratio to knowledge. ( Data vs Information)
  • There is much we don’t know and much that has to be assumed.
  • Our joint process will involve uncovering and testing assumptions, controlled experimentation, and flexibility in learning from that experience. (System Iteration)
  • Do we have a self-contained team made up of entrepreneurial generalists that would be more appropriate for new-business innovation?
  • We can move with confidence to achieve the desired scalar incremental movement to our efforts in order to be armed with a high degree of knowledge and existing capabilities – are we ready and responsible to do this?
  • How do we approach targeted foothold markets where assumptions can be tested quickly at low cost with a small group of representative customers?
  • Do we have volume forecasting and financial metrics capability that keep things moving with deliberate speed toward market share and revenue growth, with profits to follow?
  • How do we deliver value to the investor on early profits to gain  a foothold in our gutsy holistic prescribed markeplace?
  • What speed and patience toward our deliberate goals have we laid down as a time chart? (Time Schedule)
  • Should we not at least list potential licensees from existing service and manufacturing channels as partners asap?
  • What will suffice in the start of our genesis for an immediate extension of our business vision to gain custom-designed partnerships?

F. Scott Fitzgerald observed: “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two  ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” My functional capabilites are being sorely tested! Thank you for the challenge and to joining with us on this gargantuan future.

We need to function and thrive together. Please allow me a little more time to embrace your vast concept in order for me to be helpful in the graphic depiction) of an integrated “urban” design of your linkages between Terra and Aqua with ET3 service as the desired flow connections.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                        815 words         2010

PS        This was typed as it arrived in my head. So there is no agenda of priorities or steps we need to take together to achieve this new world settlement pattern in harmony with Nature. Please resort in your mind!


  1. Ramon says:

    Close to Home a prime time crime television show had an irtneesting story line. This episode happened to be about a guy getting revenge on the crooked appraisers, and realtors, and investors who caused him to loose his life savings by overvaluing his home. It was an eye opener to anyone still oblivious who thinks their homes are worth more than they are, then borrowed high $$ because of that. He sued and wo. It is only a televsion story, but it was very realistic.

    • james says:

      Assessing value is difficult. It is a two way street to incline value appreciation into the heads of government and urban developers. There are all sorts of real estate “flippers” who ride this supposed value increase in the wrong way.


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