Tuesday 23 January 2018


This is an amusing list as it struck me last night that we need to account for some of the things that will disappear once GOEt3 is introduced.

No more traffic lines;
no more traffic jams;
no more insurance;
no more accidents;
no more pollution from vehicles;
no more vehicles that can be powered by fossil fuels;
no more crash safety laws;
no more driving a vehicle with two to 9 empty seats;
no more getting too appointments late;
no more potholes to dodge;
no more high steps to climb into a bus;
no more jostling on a platform to be crammed into a tube;
no more hanging onto straps in transit trains;
no more gas stations visits;
no more speeding or infraction tickets for breaking road rules;
no more stuffing luggage into small compartments;
no more sharing of small spaces with animals;
no more driving and talking or texting on cell phones;
no more traffic schools;
no more car share pools;
no more vehicle breakdowns on roads;
no more slowing down for road repairs;

I look forward to additions to this list!

M.U.D. 183 words 3/3/2010.

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