Tuesday 23 January 2018


Our current status quo mobility system has ended. We should face devising a new way to get around with a technology that will rescue us from our fossil fuel predicament. This requires a broad innovation in policy, technology and investment. Based upon any new technological approach the path to a sustainable future must be underwritten by “green” energy production.

Energy production must be created with a new awareness of reality. We cannot move forward by squandering our dwindling fossil resources. The transition between where we are now and where we are going is going to be tumultuous.

Given that the US economy has fallen in arrears, that the housing bubble has collapsed and the government is on a trend toward making loans, thus devaluing our future dollars value is an emergency. This will ultimately have great impact our living settlements, and is not likely to end in the short term. We cannot move forward into this bleak future by looking in the rear view mirror of the past.

Change should commence in banking and securities and paths for reasonable and logical development of capital investment. Any infrastructure stimulus program improvement must offer a wholesome view for city wealth building based upon a new form of transportation.
A rational and logical analysis, hypothesis and synthesis must be quickly framed for this future unknown urban evolution. Instead of converging potential change toward our urbanity, we should not rush pell-mell by the average media critic’s unfounded rumors for survival as the only transportation investment in fix-ups to our infrastructure.
Our collective imprimis should commit to new urban design solutions in truth seeking. 2009 may be the point where we begin to understand the way we need to rebuild our cities in a sustainable scale of operation. The reorganization of smaller-scaled farms should occur with agribusiness for example. Growing food and fibre is going to require land parcels in urban areas.

Various alternative energy systems will not initially insure the continuation of our motor vehicle utilization. 2009 will be very sobering for those who imagine hybrid cars, or electric cars, or “air” cars, or any other kind of car technology are going to build a mobility future. Any proposed “infrastructure stimulus” program, will not keep up with all the necessary routine roadway, busway, railway, airway, transitway repairs and fuel supply that our common taxing system requires. We face the prospect that all of our transportation systems will enter systemic failure even before the present pattern of motor vehicle manufacture and pathway-bed support infrastructure building or repair is settled.

Restoration of passenger railroad service cannot be the singular means to evolve our need for a better mobility future. There are other focused investments to be made into advanced transportation technologies. These need to be seriously evaluated for our future mobility.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D. 1/2/09 465 words

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