Tuesday 20 February 2018


Sustainable is more than just offsetting carbon emissions; it’s making buildings more durable, stronger and longer lasting while also creating a smaller carbon footprint.

The demands of new thinking on how we build cities for the future is paramount. How to introduce design change to the status quo conditions that prevail throughout city building is going to be the challenge for the next decade. For our culture to persist and our creations to be more sensitive to balancing our understanding of renewable energy and renewable material resources with Nature, it is essential to “bridge” from where we are now to far greater efficiencies in the way we move forward in our urban design centers.

Modeling the future urban environment is difficult. Sufficient or insufficient environmental information does not foreclose the future of progress. However new renewable energy measures require factual transfer in substantive ways to arrange “smart” city building. Understanding the essence requires policy, design and evaluation of the cost of resource application. Designers now have to filter true value of Physics, Technologies and the Media in a continual search for the truth with ideas as to how to reduce this to simplicity.

The relationship of city settlements to the impacts of CO2; ice-cap melts; sea level rise; hydrological cycles and ecological boundaries are somewhat incomprehensible. The timing of change has limits in deciding to go all in for transformation and alter priorities that will demand sacrifice to meet the 350 CO2 target. The position of leadership making decisions in this new sphere of evolution necessitates a bottom up approach in order for the populace to have some say in the forecasted future.

The principles and values to be followed are essentially human – good air, water and food to exude the energy required from head intellect to hand actions. It is not just an agreement between countries of the world for sustainability it is the clarity of understanding by the peoples of the globe to adopt a purpose to strive for better living qualities. This will only be reached with education for all to treasure a common path toward this end. This is the crucible of democracy.

Again, how to share the use of these as yet unseen aspects of enlightenment of carbon understanding provided by Nature in its abundance wisely, has provided has to be revealed to all peoples. This demands solutions at all levels political not withstanding that local action comes first for true sustainability to begin.

Graham Kaye-Eddie M.U.D. 12/18/09 395 WORDS

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