Tuesday 20 February 2018


Looking forward to helping American citizens and our backward facing “politbureau” is a most daunting  task. However there is a solution. It is a simple one that of persuading Corporate America to use there existing skills of management and manufacturing capabilities to collaborate and put America ahead of the world in transportation.

When discussing “funding” the transportation “mafia” – a select group of status quo “chappies” –  are holding back any real progress in this vital industry. In fact the very survival of the USA will depend on the actions of a minority group who are not aligned with the “mafia” collusion of status quo and so called “transportation experts”.

It all starts with the problem of the politbureau divided into their individual “apartheid silos.” The beginning of the problem is that any future technology that might apply to the future of mobility does not get a fair assessment under the FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY. They only see intercity as “High Speed Rail” (HSR) and any “Intracity Rail” as rail transit. This pitiful non authority believes the only thing to do for transportation futures is to promote these two ancient technologies. In a pig’s eye!

All transportation things that should come into fruition are based upon the written idea, measured drawings and costs leading to feasibility. When considering any new transportation technology it is the politbureau who are carefully and most politely evaluating them with the criteria of the well-known “Doubting Thomas Parable.” So it is these groups of evaluators who are terminating our citizens transportation futures based upon frivolous, illogical, irrational and meaningless token deeds of non-representation and total lack of understanding.

Shouldn’t we rather focus on the people who have ideas that are well worded into policies? After all it is they who are prepared to take the risk, as did our forefathers to move America forward into a better future. The basic question we all need to answer is how to move people and goods more efficiently with less energy consumption with less infrastructure support? Surely the goal should be to move American citizens around this beautiful country without harming the natural environment, more swiftly than ever before.

Shouldn’t we rather focus on the Intellectual Properties of such inventors who are desirous of changing transportation by using their patents that will undoubtedly improve our mobility and consequently revolutionize change in the way we design our urban settlement futures from ocean to ocean?

Shouldn’t we rather focus on using American taxpayers monies to bring about a firm ROI on the transportation project that should most likely benefit the most number of people? Add to this the re-arrangement of structures and increase in land values to induce incremental change.

How does the spending for resources on electric vehicles and intra-city rail compare with proposed spending on HSR? How does one focus on distributed travel demand and environmental consequences with huge HSR financial and construction commitment help local urban transit travel? Does HSR substitute for aircraft movement? Is it more environmentally friendly? Who has investigated the cost of electricity to service driving both future  HSR and electric vehicles? Where is the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY? In fact where is the powerful ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY on these matters? Who amongst all the citizens in America believes that these three agencies FTA, DOE and EPA ever collaborate together on transportation futures?  Stand up and be accounted!

A $9T debt should be the time to get serious about finding a solution for Americas mobility needs. This means in short the combination of a service for both people and goods. That is long distance travel from one city to another spending the least amount of energy. That is doing the same thing in the inner city by spending the least amount of energy? That means travel in electric vehicles by spending the least amount of energy? How do we get around as quickly and conveniently as possible? How do we do so in the most environmentally sensitive way?

P.R.I.M.E. has a simple solution. Amazing — consider the combination of all the three discussed “apartheid” ways of getting us around that has resulted in a vortex of consuming huge amounts of fossil fuel resources and at the same time destroying a good portion of our natural resources. Wake up America. Just think about paralleling the old “container revolution” invented in America for goods transportation. Why not do this for people as well?

There happens to be a couple of American inventors that are ready to move American citizens into a new safe and energy efficient future for mobility. The system has one common factor. A “J-POD” that can travel from point to point transporting a person in a wheelchair from a home in Lompoc, California to a 15th floor condo in Miami, Florida. Sounds impossible? Not so.

What’s more the JPOD (www.jpod.com) can transfer its human in a wheel chair into a conveyance system to a nearby ETT (www.et3.com) station that encapsulates this conveyance on a journey in an evacuated tube to a distant station. From there a JPOD takes over again to transport the disabled person to the right address to move again on the existing streets. Through the building entry door to the elevator allows access to the 15th floor condo. Destination accomplished. All this achieved in a timely manner, on a trip that should be far more comfortable and less stressful. There should be no doubt in any ones mind that this sojourn is far less costly than taking a taxi from home to the airport and then flying to another airport and then taking another taxi to the condo.

The JPOD/ETT alliance for moving people and goods has many benefits over the existing fractured and broken transportation system. Time/Distance is collapsed; (JPOD 50mph–  intracity – ETT 400mph —  intercity) Cost per mile is reduced; ( $ /mile) The inter-modal transfer is seamless; (Surpasses the existing  “container revolution.”) The passenger and freight fees pays by utilization 24/7 for the entire infrastructure development costs; energy resource is sustainable; (Solar Powered Mobility) goods logistics can be offered for “just in time” deliveries; operation and management is less than HSR systems;

This is the priority transportation that should be nurtured for Americans. No more “fix it’s” to a transportation infrastructure system that is in a terminal failure mode for all of our travelers, as well as our environment. Wake up America let’s bring space travel to earth!

A regional, general or specific urban design for good habitation must
balance with NATURE for more than just freezing action or detaching the plan
from context and sequence.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.             9/1/09               1067 WORDS

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