Tuesday 20 February 2018


Absolute understanding of this question is impossible.

Acquest for the truth in this living creation has to adopt a resolution for seeking the truth. One almost has to look at everything with an outsider’s eye. We have to conceive and prepare places. Can we do so as we now see Nature in its fullness and abundance with a new vision for this earthly sustainability?

What we know and what we think we know about the interrelated functions on this our planet is now challenged by the revelations of new views or our planet both from space and from new microscopic minute organisms of patterns of living things. This shed’s a new light of inspiration regarding God’s works. How we now profit for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction to get things right, in our collective good works, is our ultimate design challenge.

The light of the body is in the eye. The light from things seen create ideas in the mind that translate to words, to graphic depictions and then to value assessments. We therefore are responsible for coursing renewable energy and use of renewable resources for a better fit of Habitation with Nature.

The charge in front of us is to devise measures of energy requirement inputs per human to waste product outputs per human. We now must become accountable not only to ourselves but to the Nature in which we coexist. The wise choice of technologies to better support a growing population requires astute placement of natural resource areas for habitation fluxes in proportion to each persons needs for clean air, water, food and fiber.

We as humans all are part of this astounding evolution of creating places for Habitation in partnership and with great respect for Nature. This demands that we will be continually involved with a passage of discovery as how best to create better settlement designs for simply living together in peace.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D. 318 words

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