Tuesday 20 February 2018


Without the word “green” we who all might foster urban design science at this time, would be unable to follow our noses.

As architects we are redefining “green” buildings. We are designing “green” civil works to support the individual buildings. We are only beginning to design green villages. We are attempting to design “green” towns and thence expanding this into “green” cities. We are beginning to call all infrastructure works “green”. We are doing a miserable job.

At the same time we are wrestling with all the so named “Sciences”. That of “political science”; urban planning “science”; building “science”; “environmental science”; “climate science”; “modeling science”; “economic science” and just plain SCIENCE.

In our limited communicative traditions, we must attempt to understand all the writing of words for their intrinsic meaning. As artists we must be able to convert these words into beautiful illustrations. As quantity surveyors we are accountable for the values we place on cost. As constructors we are liable for structural failures.

It is under this color of “green” of cash that we carry the load of morality and ethics to bring the right spatial enclosures to our inhabitants on this earth with a respect for Nature. We urban designers therefore must remain steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in balancing the works of nature with that of our own inventive structures.

Green means many things. But is more than just the color of life on this earth. After all don’t we all build communities for urban living?

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D. 12/23/09 248 words

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