Tuesday 20 February 2018


Urban Designers are in a paradigm shift about how to change into a future built urban world. How to incrementally move ahead together with our present status quo methodology is inappropriate. We are now charged to revolutionize the building our cities efficiently.

On the one hand we are confronted with the forces of our planet when viewed from space. This has awakened a worldwide curiosity to understand input/output measures regarding “Climate Change”, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, together with “Global Protocols”. On the other hand there is little acknowledgement of the cause and effect of a value crisis in our worldwide monetary exchange of “paper”. Any solution to this bi-fold crisis must be backed with a common worldwide agreed upon a tangible substance of real value, such as gold.

Designed solutions should become the essence of our survival together. The spoken word of ideas if converted into written policy is only one aspect of a triad of affairs. These writings have to be converted into an urban design for cities and finally into a cost/benefit for anticipating future strategies and tactics to build better eco-cities together. In fact it is upon the shoulders of the entire human race to create a common city building purpose that would create better living for all on Earth.

Analyzing these past historic actions in city building has revealed separate re-actions in all spheres of technical endeavor. These reactions have things “force-fitted” habitation structures together. These past prescriptions for both infrastructure and city building have harmed the natural environment with a biased financial view of the value of the dollar, as a short-term return on investment. This is not right, as we now need to rather commit to a long-term investment future of structural durability.

The marvel of seeing Earth with an outer space satellite eye, has clearly demonstrated the need for some “scientific” understanding of all the complicated inter-relationships seen of the interactions between the lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere. The need for man made technologies to be carefully comprehended with Nature’s workings on Earth is exceedingly important for understanding the true meaning of “sustainability”.

The past “silos” of separating urban design disciplines to put forward solutions for compatibility in urban living has not worked successfully. This habit has been ingrained into all of us, from school disciplines, to higher education and then to our workplaces. When viewed from the triad of real worth – written, drawn and value applications to the things made, only then will one move forward into a collective future with a greater ratio of success to failure.

The challenge of alternative future urban designs is one that must involve a “Knights of the Round Table” with qualified participants toward furthering the creation of three tiers of written, drawn and value document results, for survival on this planet. Such city building solutions cannot be done anymore by business corporations with their technology applications or with a politbureau co-joined with financial institutions, without transparent citizen involvement.

All such inventive paths have a time schedule of consumption for energy, water, food/fiber, communication, mobility and shelter. All should be done in a community that shares security, safety and justice for all, with a conscience of returning God’s renewable energy and material resources, with the same respect that Nature provides these to all of us in abundance, for our pursuit of happiness.

Don’t forget the array of disciplines involved with Urban Design. This means a team that integrates basic urban design disciplines of enlightened minds involved with Forecasting Demographics, City Management and Operation, Sustainable Energy, Cultural Planning, Waste Stream Management, Economic, Business and Financial Planning, Socio/Anthropological Development, City Habitat and Architecture, Infrastructure Design, Landscape Design, Environmental Science, Political/Legal Liaison and Dynamic Geographic Information Systems.

This above mentioned urban design team at minimum should gather about a round table for future city design. Who is going to call the team together to coordinate the future Nature/Urban vision on earth? Who will make it plain?

The urban design vision is yet to be created for an appointed time period. It is our hope that “The Sustainable Plans” forwarded for the next long term – half century – shall speak and not lie. There is now a universal sense of urgency. This proposed future urban collaborative plan should not tarry.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D. 721 words – 2rev 10/8/09

A regional, general or specific urban design for good habitation must
balance with NATURE for more than just freezing action or detaching the plan
from context and sequence.

Graham Kaye-Eddie M.U.D.

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