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 Before immigrating to the USA my understanding of the word apartheid has not changed. It meant a separation of people to certain areas for living in their homes. Yet all came to work together the best way they could on foot or bike, bus or train.

 After working from California for four decades it struck me that apartheid exists here as well. The ease of getting around is afforded by motor vehicles. Travel in the majority is between home and work. There is one common factor in our settlement blueprints; one that is spreading further apart from most daily functions due to apartheid of land use, zoning and building codes for many specific structural buildings. The solution is to reduce building footprints and enhance proven mixed-use 3D zoning with more than one mode of movement shortening infrastructure services and distance between all urban functions. Land and building uses have distinct proportions between one another to satisfy urban travel needs.

 The historic changes in transportation have gone from horse and carriage to railway and then to the car. The roadway infrastructure forms the economic model for city planning and suburban growth with rural agricultural connections. American road infrastructure service corridors have reached from shore to shore both regionally as well as locally. The motor vehicle has satisfied the mobility economics of comfort and convenience from villages, towns and cities to travel from origin to destination wherever desirable, day or night. It has however burdened new homeowners with $12,000 for transportation impact fees in Bakersfield.

 The two, three, four to eighteen rubber-tired vehicles are fed by fossil fuel that dominates our transportation systems. Similar energy supplies are required for aircrafts and ocean shipping. As the result we view transportation alternatives as separate modes for travel. The connections are clumsy and again exhibit modal apartheid functionality.

 Evacuated tube transportation technologies (ET3) collapses the current separation of travel modes between rail transit, bus transit, high-speed rail, or a car/taxi/bus/transit arrival to an airport for a flight. The integrated solution is the conversion of a MoPod™ vehicle for both private and transit use by entering into ET3 capsules thus providing origin to destination access to a national and global network. In so doing the MoPod™ can achieve the utilization of both existing road system present in communities or the prescribed pathways in new villages, towns and cities. The short time durations of travel enable coverage of great distances from Los Angeles to New York in 45 minutes or New York to Beijing in 2 hours. The ET3 capsule is capable of handling all the life cycle requirements of six people for a five-hour period. Similarly cargo may be dispatched/received from portal to portal by means of ET3 capsules with specialized MoPod™ cargo vehicles for delivery of products to end destinations.

 ET3 declares that one should primarily allow pedestrian access to portals for capsule entry, as well as MoPod™ access for travel to and from the served spaces provided for in worldwide habitations. This allows wheel chair access into the MoPod™ and then the Mopod™ access into the ET3 Capsule very much like nesting “Russian Dolls”. This seamless interaction is always in motion so that flows are constant until passage through the airlock into the vacuum of tube safety. It is at this moment where the outgoing ET3 capsule acceleration takes place immediately with a small amount of energy provision to push capsule speeds up to 350 mph via a outgoing “onramp evac-tube” only a half a mile long. The capsule then weaves and merges in between other capsules traveling at the same speed. The ET3 capsule recovers 95 % of the energy required while coasting along the entire evac-tube travel distance to then with deceleration inside the “off ramp evac-tube” that slows the passenger and cargo capsule to exit into the airlock and into the portal for passage thence into the village, town or city.

 Small is beautiful as both the wheel chair MoPod™ carries two passengers, while the second MoPod™ also does in a light weight vehicle that fits neatly into the ET3 capsule. The alternate designs for these electric or air-powered vehicles are open for competition worldwide just as the designs for existing motor vehicles have been for many years. The standard outside dimension required is that the

MoPod™ fits into a set of international standards for the evac-tubes of 50inch diameter.

 ET3 capsule ergonomics for traveler’s convenience with traveler amenities are numerous. Smart communication devices carried by each traveler identifies and promotes travel security and safety and with “swipe cards” pays for transportation system access. ET3’s reliable and frequent (24/7) on call service capabilities as citizens are presently accustomed to allows greater ease of movement by individuals and cargo thus reducing fares to support the cost and maintenance of service. The ultimate convenience, comfort and short durations provided by ET3 to travel from point to point will accumulate more induced travel frequencies by people and cargo for “on time “ delivery, thus plummeting the cost of travel and toxic emissions into Natures environment.

 The ET3 engineering technology attributes are resolved. The essentials of no scheduled timetables for people/cargo ingress/egress thus allows continuous flows via a computer-controlled system that with backup is more socially sustainable; the creation of a vacuum in ET3 tubes is a proven technology; the multiple sensors for stability at the speeds required have been established; no transportation friction allows for transmission of weight with lesser acceleration/deceleration energy requirements thus reducing operation and maintenance costs; the total control of speeds with magnetic levitation and the network capacities of ET3 capsules offer access to cultures globally for reality face to face meetings of commerce and dispute resolution and lastly the engineering system construction methodology will rapidly increase to advance the infrastructure implementation either underground, on/or under surface or with elevated supports.

 The most important consequence resulting from ET3 service with evac-tube pathway introduction is the opportunity to re-create urban designs for villages, towns and cities. The served spatial variety of habitation patterns can be varied and uniquely driven by the cultural norms in the geographies of land and ocean settings. Resilient communities will now not only benefit from instant “virtual” Internet communication but also from timely local and regional resource extraction and manufacturing; creation of many indigenous products that will with dispatched logistical support provide greater global quality of life. The most important feature is the enhancement of a balanced trade exchange and currency flows for sharing Natures abundance.

 The human design cooperation for ET3 and Starkore© city implementation demands innovation and education in “command control” centers regarding the science/technology of ET3 transportation infrastructure. StarKore City© attempts an urban design as a compliment to respond to ET3’s superb mobility system offering an opportunity to create only many patterns of urban design for better living habitats on this planet. The wealth of opportunities in real estate development offers vast wealth creation.

 The combined effort will demand design creativity from the minimum of five basic urban design disciplines amongst many others, as well as, requiring an ET3/StarKorecity Laboratory for testing procedures of materials and equipment.

1.0     The quality engineering standards applied to the transportation infrastructure.

2.0     The micro and macro urban design features that must be revealed in the symbols of architecture.

3.0     Creative prescriptions for infrastructure right of ways that enables urban planning a renewal of advanced building codes with mixed-use land-use zoning.

4.0     The detailed environmentalist recording of spatial ecology and Natures resource deposits with integrated climate impacts to support human population habitats.

5.0     The political elections and bureaucratic appointments revision for decision-making insight toward assessing the management of tax policies for functioning communities transactional urban development.

The evaluation of worthiness found in villages, towns and cities requires an equation of indices as to how well these community settlements perform and when and if they are in balance with each Natural regional ecology. Measurements in an understandable matrix should clearly be shared with inhabitants so as to reveal what continual research in science and technology must be advanced to achieve life cycle costs for urban sustainability.

 This cooperative intelligence should focus on both earth and ocean habitats for essential unique geographic resource assessment. The appropriate urban placement of villages, towns and cities must acknowledge Natures enormous power exhibited in thermal exchanges, pressure, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding, droughts, meteor impacts, lightning, radiation, sonic vibration, volcanic eruptions, climate,  “ley lines” and gravity changes and other factors such as the suns magnetic interference and satellite vulnerability.

 Regional and local manufacturing distribution of materials and products, food, water and other human health, safety and security needs supplied by ET3 for multiple StarKore Cities© requires creative management. Private/Public Council centers should be integrated for monitoring interdisciplinary decision-making execution. Constant monitoring of incoming and outgoing material flows with product delivery logistics to balance population requirements with resource depletion needs should be carefully assessed. Periodic decision-making regarding urban growth limits in self-sustaining geographic settings supporting supplies for sustenance and labor productivity should be carefully calibrated. Decisions for new urban development settlements of forecasted population magnitudes should allow for immigration into new city formation. The cycle of aging structures should be sequenced for replacement, renewal and or redevelopment. This should be widely broadcast for all citizens to review as information for incremental new village, town and city implementation commencement.

 Safe and secure family livelihoods should be maintained with a greater understanding of certainty that survival requires sharing of both intelligence and labor as a cornerstone for urban growth and change. This wisdom should permeate all socio/cultural and economic exchange advances for survival on this blue planet. Let us limit apartheid and rather integrate a clear understanding for traveling and living together to establish clarity for ourselves in resilient communities on earth and ocean for ultimate survival. No human harm to Natures organic cycles and wise resource use should be each settlements ultimate goal.

 To quote John Muir “Nature is ever at work building and pulling down, creating and destroying, keeping everything whirling and flowing, allowing no rest but in rhythmical motion, chasing everything in endless song out of one beautiful form into another”. Continuous movement is life, as we all in our own way, provide energies to the building of transportation and cities we live in.

After acknowledging the appropriate flows on earth in all things organic, we can then look heavenward toward future space travel without having to return after a short duration from space for sustenance because we should have acquired greater knowledge and experience on this planet to survive in sustainable space ships exploring motion in the galaxies.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.      1754 words     12/2/2011

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