Tuesday 20 February 2018


America must awaken to a desire for a new kind of  “infrastructure”. The wrong leaning consensus of our politbureau is currently fatal. We cannot spend money on “Fix-Ups” anymore. No amount of repair to our freeways, roadways, airways or shipways is going to help the next generation get around.

What would be the right idea for Americans betterment of mobility?  Maglev is the answer. However it must be the right Maglev Technology choice. It must be a Maglev system that achieves the following vision: –

  • Improves America’s productivity with offering jobs requiring “a head and a hand”.
  • Satisfies America’s need for speed of delivery for people and goods.
  • Catalyze new industries and new markets.
  • Raise the value of citizen’s investment in homes and business throughout America.
  • Enable leadership to rediscover, rebuild and place Maglev as the way for building new wealth in Americas cities, suburbs and rural areas.
  • Make new transitions to city building futures that are acceptably efficient, healthy and safe.
  • Place a Maglev system capable of being driven by renewable energy.
  • Show the scale and dimension efficiency in it’s deployment and use of materials.
  • Reveal the Maglev systems capacity for work, durability and life cycle to achieve standards of costs unlike our existing transportation systems collectively.
  • Construct portal stations for embarking and disembarking and the interconnecting Maglev infrastructure capable of being built at a lesser cost than the estimated repair for our total existing infrastructure.
  • The Maglev technology choice must show the vision of bringing “space travel to earth”.

The secret of the best of class Maglev Technology is Evacuated Tube Transportation. It should be the reader’s responsibility to read all about this future way of reaching destinations in California and America – from point of departure to point of arrival.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

M.U.D.                   285 words                              12/24/08

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