Tuesday 20 February 2018


The citizens in our California are supporting a mobility system that is creaking into the crisis of shutting down. The causes are well understood. The reliance on foreign oil that underpins much of our transportation mobility and energy supply is draining our economy, making us more vulnerable and somewhat unable to balance our desired living patterns with the withdrawal of resources from nature and inability to return our wasteful by products without harming nature.

Our road, rail, air and ocean networks are jamming at inter-connection nodes and slowly but surely becoming incapable of handling the capacities of moving goods and people around the USA. Highways, bridges are being hammered by continual over use, airports are demanding passengers patience in service and extended delays, while ports are delaying delivery of goods on 18 wheelers and rail lines missing deadlines for “on time” delivery.

Tiny incremental technological improvements are being made to each of the transport carriers yet the never-ending growth and increase in frequency of use is overloading all supporting systems. It is time to offer a new system that can pay for it’s way into the future and satisfy a speedier more efficient and safe way to travel for passengers as well as to transport the goods to be delivered.

Passengers must look to a vehicles performance that gets them from point to point in comfort and safety. The vehicle must offer opportunities for a two people light-weight vehicle in a local commute, traveling on existing the road system as well as a “six seat capsule” to access into a new transportation system that caters for intercity connections and speedy USA wide travel. This does not preclude continuous use of our existing patterns of getting around but invests in a future mobility by giving incentive to three areas for improvement – clean energy generation, a new path for motor vehicle design, and performance housing in resultant city building.

One cannot forget that all wealth is derived from citizens who receive awards for their labor and investment in land or the lease of spatial enclosures. They also pay for mobility. Money exchange touches all US citizens. The bridge to improving our city building is to risk a future path with a effort that adopts a new technological vision, that embraces intelligence in city building thinking, starting with energy generation, then industry manufacturing expansion followed by a construction challenge. This is long overdue. As long as this collective planned effort incites action toward a desirable future for participants the venture will provide jobs throughout the USA. This new path forging will not dislodge the value decline in our overall economy in the short term, but will stabilize the dollar value and raise the promise of future property value for all Americans in the long term.

A sobering thought is to admit being dishonest about attempting to achieve fast money accumulation on paper asset manipulations. The cornerstone assets are based upon the things we build and give value to for the best quality of living together. Involving a vision with hope that is practical and possible for the next generation, is to design better places for living. This begins with clean energy, efficient infrastructure to support mobility and performance housing.

We have a personal responsibility to listen to and accept the still small voice within us on our sojourn in this world. Americans should turn more toward the principles of Godly living. Citizens should be grateful for the collective future efforts to advance our culture and civilization. We are blessed with Natures abundance and must now balance this earthly resource withdrawal to return it safely to its source again, during the building of future cities.

Life is God’s gift to us all. What we do with our lives together should be our gift to God.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
M.U.D. 11/9/08 632 words

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