Tuesday 20 February 2018


California and the Federal Government are at odds with one another. The Federal Government is setting aside money to Southern California for a future Maglev system from Anaheim to Las Vegas.

Californians have been asked to vote on a High Speed Rail System between Sacramento and Los Angles government centers!

This message shares a critical policy that is supporting a bad technological decision that has been made for Californians.

California is poised to vote for steel wheel. The California High Speed Rail Authority made the decision to go for steel wheel before there was real world Maglev costs to evaluate. Consequently they are way over in their assumptions of estimated Maglev costs. It would be really neat if California did a reappraisal of steel wheel versus Maglev costs.

The positive figures on the low O&M costs for Maglev are very encouraging.

See a Report regarding China’s Maglev experience. This is a competent analysis (http://thetransitco alition.us/ MagLev/MaglevAus traliaEngineerin gWorldAprMay05. pdf)

This needs to be done before setting California on it’s heels with regard to looking in the rear view mirror attempting to go forward via an incremental improvement of a ancient technology.

Further the Federal Government should set a National policy that precludes spending monies on two technological systems that will not be seamless in California.

It is in the interest of future transportation for all Americans at this time to give incentives for the “right” choice of a new transportation technology that does better than the national Highway or Railway system of the past.

I hope it fails. My opinion.


Graham Kaye-Eddie                M.U.D.            10/18/08

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