Tuesday 20 February 2018


We’ve noticed that algae oil has received some press recently — in the most unlikely of places. The December issue of Esquire actually ran an informative two-page spread on algae oil and its potential.

Algae oil is becoming a more viable energy option every day as additional money is pushed in its direction. In fact, venture capital money is finding its way to algae oil technology developers at a rapid pace.
The private startup Sapphire Energy, which is perfecting synthetic algae technology, has scored more than $100 million in private financing. This even includes money from Cascade Investment, an investment holding company owned by Bill Gates.

Even with oil’s recent dip below $40, work on algae fuel continues at breakneck speeds. Several small companies are vying for the lion’s share of the algae fuel business. The winners stand to make their early investors very wealthy.

One acre of corn can yield about 28 gallons of oil in one year. In more tropical regions, an acre of palms can yield about 6,700 gallons of oil per year. But algae are in a class all their own. An acre of algae can yield anywhere between 20,000-100,000 gallons of oil per year.


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