Tuesday 20 February 2018


If we call ourselves Americans (and mean it), then we are all victims of our Federal, Californian and regional city planning processes.


If we breathe the air, drink water from a plastic bottle or eat fresh fruit or just nibble on a chocolate bar for energy, if we call on our cellphones, drive our cars, build structures handle our waste; we are being pressed down under the weight of the wealthy and our politbureau.


Thirty years have passed during my stay in Bakersfield and we are still attempting to export democracy while we continue living under the semi-benevolent oligarchy of international corporations and their candidates.


And yet after all this time passed there are no leaders, no corporations, no benevolent billionaires who are going to save our elderly or our children, least of all plan how we should build our urban settlements for both the rich and poor.


How do we unite outside of the current urban planning systems that flash on colored paper and then make ways for roads and buildings that rise like fast cracker boxes on our land with total ignorance of the indigenous environment in which we are settled?


We must organize at the ground level, where city building is taught and understood before we are seven years old. Not only is it important to connect the head and hand in our labor, but it is imperative that we somehow use or intellects in acknowledging the changes caused by multiplying our family households.


We ideally want to be a part of the new globalized, digitized, equal-opportunity world. How should we all help to build a better world in the pursuit retaining our wealth and productivity? Do we desire to move forward in our modern, market-driven, democracy? Democracy is precious. It is what makes us the peaceful, rich nation we are today.


There are good people on this earth and there are bad people. But sometimes we can’t tell where the good stops and the bad starts.


Often we don’t know whom to punish with biblical plagues and pestilence, and whom to bless with the grace of Heaven. All that we can do is to try to find a truth, or a few truths. The thirteen truths with which to prosper have been suggested in our urban design and planning priorities.


How many Californians are there in Greater Bakersfield who would like to improve our San Joaquin Valley Blueprint urban planning system?


Graham Kaye-Eddie


Master Urban Designer


8/27/07                        401 words

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