Tuesday 23 January 2018


Many people writing either as journalists about transportation urban affairs from research organizations, academic or political institutions for magazines and blogs all have good analytical observations of the current transportation crisis in the USA.

The mobility viewpoints presented are skewered from each observer. This brings about the sad circumstance that the light as seen by each author becomes a prism creating a rainbow of impractical alternatives that cannot be integrated. Our collective focus should rather be a lens of light that sets all analyses on fire together because transportation is now international in scope. We still maintain a status quo focus for local, regional and national transportation. This is hindering our path toward a better prognosis and synthesis for transportation solutions.


Lets jump forward and surmise upon a scenario that looks at a prognosis. Surely we should be able to come toward a collaboration on a bakers dozen of points toward an integrated national transportation system prognosis.

  • a way to review the energy in – to greenhouse gases out, for each
    existing transportation system,
  • a way to understand efficiency of the weight/volume carried by each
    transportation system,
  • a  way to achieve new speed – or a collapse of time and distance,
  • a way to measure safety in securing travel from international terrorism,
  • a way to integrate the different transportation systems,
  • a way to fund both public and private domains,
  • a way to converge private (first) and public policy (second),
  • a way to clearly invent a multi-use system to move both people and goods,
  • a way to assess the variety of technologies now available to accomplish a better future,
  • a transformation from our existing patterns to reach greater efficiencies
    in a new proposal,
  • a way to conduct a simple cost/benefit to move transportation and supportive infrastructure forward,
  • a way to persuade our Americans of this transportation “crisis on a crisis” – rapidly,
  • and a way finally to put transportation systems design first on the national priority.Is this prognosis possible? One can certainly believe that such can be accomplished. There are many transportation inventions that Americans have patented from as far back as 1965, that are available with which to succeed, but few institutions that are willing to support such an integrated prognosis.

    With all our super computing, virtual reality and instant model making
    capabilities, there are at the ready many multi-disciplinary groups of
    designers with answers, the willingness and capability to design an
    entrepreneurial venture toward this new future transportation challenge.

    However we need more men with vision to consolidate such a necessary future. An urban laboratory for such experimentation is paramount. Most of
    all we need a continual stream of supportive words to succeed. Who will take up such a mission? To see mobility solutions first, to listen second, to hear third. To record with words in such an effort needs leadership. This we have to find in a hurry.


Where are all the people who are prepared to take up the challenge for the next step in USA transportation?


Graham Kaye-Eddie


Master Urban Designer


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