Tuesday 20 February 2018


From life in general, one should learn never to lose the feeling of awe one get’s from nature as a child. I was lucky indeed to be born on a farm in Salisbury, Rhodesia. Nature blessed the farm with all sorts of bugs, plants, and animals you’ve never seen before. Watching a chameleon catch a fly, watching ants collecting food and disappearing into an anthill six feet high, playing in the dirt, climbing a tree are all fond memories.

Our fascination of the outdoors has been severely diminished in our urban world. To keep one in touch with nature and myself while relieving the stress I encounter in the rest of my doings, my daily regimen is to clean stalls for our 35 horses. So, I get out and look at each horse for scratches, cuts or swellings, every morning. Starting from the hooves upward the check doesn’t take but a minute. You’ll never find anything more inspiring or humbling than truly seeing and appreciating horses in all their naked glory quietly munching alfalfa and their grain. There is nothing more perfect and calming in the world.

From my Kelpie dogs I’ve learned that love surpasses all. Whether one is in a bad mood or just feeling down in the dumps, sick, looking your worst, or suffering from a lack of finances, a dog only sees someone they love and admire and will give you the most enthusiastic greeting they can possibly muster. They see beyond all flaws and only ask for love and acceptance in return. There is no creature more capable of unconditional love than a dog.

I strive everyday to live that way myself, to love the animals that accompany me beyond beauty or words or the drawings I make for a living.

Graham Kaye-Eddie


Master Urban Designer



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